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Namco confirms talks with Ouya

by on09 August 2012

Asks what titles you want to see on the console

Namco Bandai is talking with Ouya about the possibility of bringing titles to the platform. While Namco Bandai is asking for feedback from fans on their Facebook page, the talk continues. Of course, those who have purchased the Ouya already would like to see Namco Bandai go all out and bring its classics like Pac-Man and Galaga to the Ouya; but what would be better is if the company was considering bringing the heavy titles like Tekken and Ridge Racer to the platform.

So far, we know that the two companies are in active discussion, but Namco Bandai has not yet committed to anything. We suspect, however, that the discussions will end up with us seeing a number of already released Android titles being re-released as enhanced versions for the Ouya. Not a bad thing at all for a starting point.

Rise of Glory Sky Gamblers, Mad Tracks, Pac-Man, and Pac-Man Championship Edition all look to be pretty sure candidates for release on the Ouya once a deal is hammered out. We suspect that once the deal is done, some of these might even be launch titles and ready when the console ships.

Namco Bandai is now moving in this direction to get a deal in place, and we think we will see others move to also get a deal done; but don’t be surprised if some of the big boys wait a little longer till they get a much better idea on how successful it is going to be. With over 60,000+ backers and having raised over $8 million in funding, people are taking notice.

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