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WOW: Mists of Pandaria date confirmed

by on26 July 2012


It will drop Tuesday, September 25th

Blizzard has confirmed that the fourth expansion pack for World of Warcraft called Mists of Pandaria will be released on Tuesday, September 25th worldwide.

Players will be able to choose between the Standard Edition for $30 or special Collector’s Edition for $60. Players are able to pre-order it from retailers around the world or from Blizzard’s online store.

In addition, players buying the Standard Edition can upgrade to the Digital Deluxe Edition at any time by forking over an additional $10 to upgrade to the digital extras offered by the Collector’s Edition without the other offerings.

If you choose to purchase directly, you can start downloading the content now; but of course it will remain locked till the servers go live on the release date.

Mists of Pandaria has been a mixed bag for Blizzard, as many longtime players of the game have complained about the expansion pack after seeing what Blizzard has shown so far, and commenting that they are not happy with the direction Blizzard opted with this expansion. No matter, most will still buy it even if they don’t like it, and it is doubtful over the long haul that sales will be impacted.

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