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Tekken director tells fans to stop whining

by on27 June 2012


Character voices sometimes change 

Tekken director Katsuhiro Harada has sprayed a hefty twitLonger post aimed at gamers who whined about changes in character voices in the popular fighting franchise.

Harada said that the complaining horde should stop whining and complaining, and instead act as adults and look at things objectively. He pointed out that changes in recording and reproduction technology, as well as availability of previously used voice actors, is sometimes more problematic than it may seem.

Harada noted that even if the actual sounds were left intact, it would still mean little since reproduction itself advanced a lot. He said users are not playing the game on the same TV/headphones/speakers as they did 16 years ago and thus shouldn't expect an identical experience.

He pointed out that many actors' voice has changed while some even retired. Additionally, some of them wouldn't be interested in the gig to begin with, so there's little point in asking. Couple that with radically advanced equipment, and you get the point.

Harada noted that users have even been complaining about voices taken directly from Tekken 3. This means that whiners are more interested in whining itself, than by actual critical listening on different equipment.

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Last modified on 27 June 2012
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