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$76 million dollar profit for Square Enix

by on15 May 2012

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Fiscal 2012 was a good year for the publisher

Good news from Japan indicates that Square Enix had a pretty banner fiscal 2012 when compared with last fiscal year. Unlike fiscal 2011, which saw the publisher take a loss of $150 million, the publisher has turned things around with a $76 million dollar profit for fiscal 2012.

Square Enix’s strong results were due in part to strong sales of both Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Deus Ex: Human Revolution, as both titles sold very well. In addition, the mobile Final fantasy Brigade contributed significant revenue with over two million registered users.

If there was a dark spot at all in the news from Square Enix, it had to be confirmation that the new re-imagined Tomb Raider title scheduled to be released this holiday season is being push back until first quarter 2013.

Square Enix said that developer Crystal Dynamics needs more time to deliver the very highest quality game; and we also hear that with the holiday release schedule getting crowded, the extra time could allow the game to better stand out in a less crowded release time. Square Enix is hopeful that the decision will lead to more sales in the long term.

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