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What next, no GTA 5 in 2012?

by on14 May 2012

Some think release will come in early 2013

Over the weekend, Baird analyst Colin Sebastian was receiving a lot of press over his report that he does not think that Grand Theft Auto V will be released this year.  Meanwhile, Wedbush analyst Michael Patcher believes that moving BioShock Infinite from October till February of next year has left the door open for GTA 5 to be released.

With two of the most outspoken analysts at odds over when GTA 5 will arrive, we reached out to our sources to see what they think; and with Rockstar and parent company Take 2 Interactive having no comment as far as an official release date, things are up in the air.

While none of our sources would go on the record officially, several still believe that GTA 5 could arrive yet this year; but the crowded field of releases coming yet this year does seem to put pressure on the titles to be released in the fall and winter months. Obviously, many will have to make difficult choices on which titles they will be buying this holiday season.

Our sources think that one way or the other, despite the fact that Rockstar will not have a booth at E3, the company will issue some sort of an official announcement of when we can expect GTA 5 to arrive. Many of our contacts say that a trailer will be coming before or during E3 that will tell us when to expect the title to arrive.

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