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Crysis 3 to push graphics on consoles

by on25 April 2012

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DirectX 11 style graphics for current generation

Crytek has found a way to push the graphics limits. That’s right, Crysis 3 features DirectX 11 style graphics that the developer has been able to get running on the current generation of consoles, although theoretically it shouldn't work.

The developers are translating the DX11 style graphics to the current generation of consoles with surprising results. The latest engine for the consoles is able to translate the DX11 style effects using specialized code that is able to render these types of effects on the current generation of consoles. While it is not as efficient or streamlined as it could be if they had true DX11 support, the results are surprisingly very good.

The developer has promised that they will not include these advanced rendering features if they impact performance, but so far they have been able to achieve very good results that are a cut above what we have seen on the current generation of consoles.

By the way, although Crytek has made some significant breakthroughs, the developer says that a release of Crysis 3 on the Wii U is highly unlikely. 

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