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No details on Diablo 3 for consoles

by on16 March 2012


Still not officially announced or confirmed

While it is exciting news that the PC and Mac version of Diablo 3 finally have gotten a solid release date, it seems that many of you really want to know when we can expect the console version of Diablo 3 to arrive for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and maybe even the Wii U. Information about the console version of the game was strangely absent from the Diablo 3 release date announcement.

While we know that Blizzard has been working on (or at least experimenting with) a console version of Diablo 3, the company has been very quiet as to their plans. The official company line is that they have no plans at this time to release a console version of Diablo 3.

The lack of talk about a console version of Diablo 3 likely means they are still working on the release of a console version of the game. Blizzard has hired a number of developers for console positions within the company; and normally would not be seeking out developers with this kind of experience if it were not serious about developing a console title. Based on some of the specific kinds of console developers that they are looking for, we have to think that they are pretty far along in the process of porting the game to consoles.

What we suspect will happen is shortly after the hype for the PC and Mac version of Diablo 3 dies down a little, or maybe at E3, we expect Blizzard to make an announcement that a console version is coming; but we doubt that they will announce a release date till later. Sources tell us that if they are going to release a console version, Blizzard wants it out the door this year. The company continues to maintain silence on this topic, but we expect this to be broken soon.

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