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PC version of RAGE patched

by on10 October 2011

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Adds additional graphics options

The promised patch from id Software to address issues with the graphics options in the just released title RAGE has showed up on Steam this past weekend. The patch exposes additional graphics options for PC owners to tweak the performance of RAGE on their graphics hardware.

The issues with RAGE seem to center on issues with the graphics drivers, according to id Software, and both AMD and Nvidia have moved to provide new beta drivers to deal with the issue. Still, the new patch adds much more flexibility for configuration of the graphics options within the video settings menu and could help some users tweak their settings to address issues.

From what we have been able to tell since the release of the patch, at least some users are still reporting problems that are apparently worse now then they were before the patch was issued. However, it does seem that for some users the additional settings have brought some relief from the problems they were having.

The issues with RAGE and the graphics drivers have impacted the reception of the PC version of the game. Still, we expect that once things are sorted out the situation will improve and the PC version of the game will stabilize. In our experience, once we were on the beta drivers our issues with RAGE seemed to have been solved, but Battlefield 3 no longer works. It could still be a while before the entire situation gets sorted out.

Last modified on 10 October 2011
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