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Green Lantern Blu-ray to include Batman bonus

by on10 October 2011

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Only at Best Buy and only for PS3 Arkham City

Warner Bros is running an interesting bonus for those buying the Extended Cut version of the Green Lantern that will be arriving this Friday. Apparently, if you can find one of these Extended Cut versions of the Green Lantern on Blu-ray at Best Buy, you can get an additional Batman: Arkham City costume.

The included code is only for PlayStation 3 owners, and the extra consume is a costume for the Sinestro Corps (which is a team of bad guys that once attempted to recruit Batman into their ranks). The team is led by ex-Green Lantern Corps member, Sinestro.

Sources tell us that currently it is undecided if the costume will be offered as DLC later on or if the only way to get it will be from Best Buy by buying the Extended Cut Green Lantern Blu-ray. The source we spoke with did tell us, however, to look for more cross promotions between the Warner Bros Home Video group and the Warner Bros Interactive software group as time goes on; as this is the first of what is expected to be a pretty regular thing between the two divisions going forward if it continues to prove to be successful.

Last modified on 10 October 2011
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