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Dashboard update targeted for November 25th?

by on11 October 2011



Signs seem to be pointing to this being correct

While we know that Microsoft has been hard at work on the latest dashboard update, other than knowing that it will arrive later this year little else is available as to when Microsoft is specifically targeting its release. Sources are now telling us that Microsoft is looking to target November 25th as the day it starts pushing out the latest dashboard upgrade.

While there has been talk that the company plans to do a wide beta test before pushing the new update, we are now hearing that this may not happen. Some of the new features have already been tested, and time is so tight we would not be surprised to see Microsoft press ahead without a more open beta test.

While the new dashboard will feature several new things, the biggest impact will be the new Windows Phone 7-like interface that is built upon modified Silverlight technology for the Xbox 360. The new update will also launch Microsoft’s new media additions, which are expected to prove very popular with owners once released.

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