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Nintendo looks to show something

by on02 September 2011

Pre TGS event seems to suggest hardware
As we told you previously, Nintendo has a press conference planned prior to the start of the Tokyo Game show. It would seem that a number of sources in Japan are pretty sure that Nintendo will be showing some sort of new hardware which is believed to be a revised hardware version of the 3DS that could be called the 3DS XL or 3DS Lite.

The odds seem to be on a revised version of the 3DS rather than some other type of hardware add-on. Rumors that will not seem to go away continue of a second thumb stick, but a revised version of the 3DS (given the recent price slashing in an effort to stem losses) does seem logical.

It is expected that Nintendo is now really feeling the pressure from the Android platform and iPhone, both of which have become successful portable gaming platforms in their own right. In addition, the PlayStation Vita is just around the corner and Nintendo needs something to get its train back on track; maybe this might do it, but we don’t seem too confident this will occur without more software support.

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