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Free Myths & Mavericks coming the 13th

by on02 September 2011

Rockstar’s Red Dead add-on set to arrive
We have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the free “thank you” DLC content for Red Dead Redemption ever since Rockstar announced it. We now have learned that it will be finally heading to download starting on September 13th for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

The DLC pack is called Myths & Mavericks and it adds an incredible amount of extra content to the game. (Could be more than most other pay DLC content!) The highlights of the new content include eight new multiplayer characters to try and 11 new multiplayer maps explore.

That seems to be a lot of content that Rockstar is just adding to the game for the fans. It would seem that the heavy multiplayer additions are a way to help keep the title fresh by getting those that might have set it aside to come back and play more of the multiplayer if they have not played in a while, or give it a try if they never have played it.

We would like to see more developers provide more free content, but it would seem that instead we will be treated to more pay DLC that should have been included at no charge in a  game in the first place. It is moves like this that make gamers have such loyalty to Rockstar.

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