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APB: Reloaded retail release possible

by on15 July 2011

GamersFirst has not yet confirmed this

The new Free2Play version of APB now known as APB: Reloaded has not yet been confirmed for a retail release, despite the fact that developer GamersFirst has admitted they have been approached by retail partners who want to put the game on retail shelves.


The company has admitted to examining the situation and has gone as far as to suggest that a retail release is possible; but any retail strategy would still be guided by the Free2Play business model that the company has adopted for this title.

While APB: Reloaded continues in open beta currently, the title has received a great amount of attention with a lot of players checking it out. The level of interest in the game appears to be at an all-time high, which is good for GamersFirst.

If the whispers we hear are any indication, we suspect that there could be a retail release in the future; but it is hard to tell what kind of strategy it might employ to get customers to part with their money for it. Still, we think that there is just too much momentum behind the possibility for a retail release for GamersFirst to ignore this possible revenue stream.

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