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Rockstar considering titles for Nintendo?

by on20 April 2011

Might be first to have Wii2 development kit
A considerable amount of whispering has been going on over the past couple of days as to whether Nintendo might be trying to get Rockstar to develop titles for Nintendo’s upcoming new console, or Wii2, if you will.

According to the whispers we hear, Rockstar might be the one (if not the first) studio to have an actual development kit for the Wii2 with hardware to work with. Of course, we are still trying to confirm the rumor; but our sources seem to think Nintendo has targeted Rockstar as one of the studios they really want to be developing new software for the Wii2 platform.

What makes things even more interesting is that because of the suspected hardware that is said to make up the Wii2, it might be pretty easy for a developer to get a title that is already far into the development process up and running on the Wii2 hardware quickly. The software that Rockstar is working on that Nintendo wants could be (none other than) Grand Theft Auto 5. If it happens to be, this would be the first release of a GTA title on the Nintendo platform.

Getting Rockstar to sign on to develop for the new Nintendo console would be a very big deal; but with Nintendo’s track record of not doing well in the hardcore gaming market space, we have to wonder if this could signal a shift in strategy to go after this market space with the new console. We will have to wait and see what happens.
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