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Madden 12 on track for August 30th

by on14 April 2011

Not even an NFL lockout will stop its release
While those football fans in North America monitor the situation between the NFL and the players’ association, many fans of the Madden football video game franchise have wondered if the lockout will postpone the release of this year’s edition.

The simple answer is “NO!” and Electronic Arts and its EA Sport unit are still planning to deliver Madden NFL 12 on August 30th. No matter what the labor situation is with the NFL, it seems that nothing can stop the release of 2012 installment of the franchise.

According to our sources, the plan is that EA Sports will go with the hybrid rosters for the teams from last year, plus the latest crop of rookies from the draft added to the proper teams. If and when the labor situation is settled and the rosters are reshuffled, those updated rosters will be made available for download at no charge, we assume.

The good news for football fans is that even if the game isn’t being played on the field, you will be able to enjoy the virtual action in Madden NFL 12. Despite rumors that EA might hold the title till the labor situation is settled, from the whispers we hear the date is firm and unlikely to change.

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