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Guitar Hero reversal

by on14 April 2011

Franchise now on hiatus
Apparently Activision has now decided that the Guitar Hero franchise is only on “hiatus” and has not been altogether killed. The reversal in position is a bit stunning, given the fact that Activision dissolved the development team working on it and let all these people go.

While we know that more DLC is coming for Guitar Hero, beyond that we can only tell you that our crystal ball says that if there is money to be made and Activision can find a way to do it with the Guitar Hero franchise, then we will see more Guitar Hero in the future.

In the meantime, fans can enjoy the DLC while they hope for a reboot at some point in the future. Don’t bet on it till at least late 2012, however. Activision will have to come up with a better business model for the franchise and that, of course, is going to take some time.

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