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Tony Hawk to make a return?

by on12 April 2011

Hawk suggests something for 2012
After Activision put the Tony Hawk franchise on the shelf, imagine our surprise to learn that Hawk himself told Pixelated Geek that it is likely they will be doing something for 2012.

The news is a bit surprising, as the last two games to bear his name that featured that skateboard peripheral were not well received (or very successful from a financial point of view). This led to Activision to putting the franchise in limbo while the publisher plotted the next move.

Over 16 versions of the game have borne Hawk’s name, which makes it one of the longest and most successful franchises in video game history. If another Tony Hawk was in the works, it would have to re-invent itself and produce something unique. It would have little trouble from competitors, as both Electronic Art’s Skate franchise and the Shaun White Skateboarding attempt by Ubisoft both appear to be on hold at the moment.

It is questionable about the level that action sports seem to have in the video gaming market these days, but that has not stopped EA from going back to the well with a reboot of the SSX franchise. It could be that with the release of SSX that action sports video games could again experience a comeback, and maybe Activision wants to be there to cash in.

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