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Shenmue 3 still at least possible

by on03 March 2011

Sega might let Yu Suzuki do it
When the talk of gaming sequels that have yet to be made starts, it always seems that one title rises up to the top of the list. A sequel to Shenmue 2 (or Shenmue 3, if you will) is one title that it seems many people want to see happen, but so far Sega has not been hot on the idea.

Speaking at a panel at GDC 2011 the creative force of the series creator, Yu Suzuki, was asked if we would even see a Shenmue 3. He replied that he thinks that Sega will let him make it, but nothing is guaranteed.

Suzuki also set the record straight about the budget for Shenmue, claiming that it cost $47 million to make and not the $70 million that Sega has been quoted as reporting. Of course, budget and profitability of Shenmue 3 are a concern for Sega, but hearing that it is still possible is better than hearing no.

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