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Battlefield 3 is simply amazing

by on03 March 2011

Could be the reason to upgrade your PC
The buzz surrounding the release of the game play trailer for Battlefield 3 has shaken the PC gaming community to the core. Simply put, it is amazing, and we believe that it could be the reason that many PC gamers might return to their PCs again.

The new Frostbite 2 engine that DICE is using for Battlefield 3 will most certainly make the competitors nervous, as it delivers on a number of fronts. It would appear that DICE’s strategy to deliver a PC focused title that they will mold into console releases for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 has paid off. DICE claims that the title will be able to run well on the consoles, but of course the PC will offer the best and most robust experience.

What really sets Battlefield 3 apart from what we have seen before is the visual detail and lighting effects that were impressive. Of course, the major strides that Frostbite 2 makes in animation quality are also of note, as the players appear more fluid and their actions more real. Clearly, what we are seeing in Battlefield 3 is beyond what we have seen in other FPS titles in this arena before.

Check out the video of Battlefield 3 here.

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