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Hackers have success with 3DS

by on28 February 2011

R4 and other cards apparently working
While Nintendo talked about more stringent anti-piracy measures that have been deployed on the 3DS, it would seem that hackers in Japan have already figured out how to get the R4 and other DS piracy carts working on the system.

While all of the specifics are not clear as to how they are making these flash carts work, videos on You Tube apparently show people testing out these flash carts that are used for piracy of multiple titles onto one flash cartridge.

While the videos show DS games running from these flash carts, so far there is no evidence to support that 3DS titles have been modified to work using these flash carts. Still, the news has to be a blow for Nintendo who wanted to hold hackers off with the release of the 3DS.

It is expected that Nintendo will respond with new firmware to attempt to block use of the device, according to the whispers that we have been hearing, but we have no clue as to when Nintendo plans to deploy the new firmware.

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