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3DS to arrive in U.S. on March 27th

by on20 January 2011

Will be priced at $249 with 30 titles by June
Nintendo has finally pulled back the curtain with the additional specifics on the Nintendo 3DS that people seem to want to know. The two biggest items of note are that it will arrive in the U.S. for sale on March 27th at a price of $249 without a pack-in title.

At $249, the analysts that we spoke with have indicated to us that they feel the price is competitive, and retail sources we spoke with are not surprised by the $249 price tag and expect it to sell well in the U.S. if they can get units to sell. It looks as if supplies at least initially at launch will be limited and a pre-order will likely be your best hope in securing a unit on launch day.

While the unit itself will not include a pack-in title or be sold in a bundle to start with, Nintendo expects to have 30 titles for the 3DS on retailer shelves by June. The device is backwards compatible with the DS and does at least include some built-in DSi software to start users off with.

Nintendo will be making a big marketing push for the 3DS that will kick off with over 5,000 3DS units touring the U.S. for potential buyers to get a firsthand look at the unit. The early buzz is still positive about the 3D effect without the need for special glasses, and it does seem that given the right software the unit could be very successful for the company.

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