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Small dashboard update pushed

by on20 January 2011

Microsoft issues a couple of tweaks
The Xbox 360 owners connected to Xbox Live are in the process of receiving a mandatory update for the Xbox 360 dashboard. While the update isn’t of the scale of the major updates that we have seen in the past, it nonetheless adds a few tweaks.

The biggest two things that will be of interest to most 360 owners is that the “Boot to Disc” option has been once again enabled, and the Gamercards have gotten a look and feel overhaul that perhaps better matches the graphics in the last dashboard update. The “Boot to Disc” option (once enabled) allows the Xbox 360 owner to have the console load the disc that is in the tray rather than drop directly into the dashboard where the game can then be selected to play.

The revisions to the Gamercard changes deal more with changing the look of the Gamercard to better match the graphics in the previous dashboard update. In addition, the latest Gamercard also removes the Gamerzone from the Gamercard. In the pictures we have seen of the changes it really does not look all that different, beyond a darker background and a bit thinner font that has been used.

Whispers from a number of sources tell us that a couple of minor bug fixes or enhancements are being made to the dashboard itself during this update, as well, that will likely be unnoticeable. Several sources are also telling us of some minor tweaks that apparently are directed at improving some of the Kinect dashboard functionality. Some have suggested that the update was necessary to pave the way for the next large dashboard enhancement update that is on track to arrive in the next couple of months, according to the latest reports that we have.

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