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3DS plans to become clear on 19th

by on21 December 2010

Nintendo to host press event in NYC
Nintendo will firm up its plans for the 3DS next month with a press event in New York. This is expected to be a preview event where Nintendo will provide dates, information, and launch title information. This will be the first big chance for Nintendo to get the word out on what will be happening with the launch of the 3DS.

While we know that Japan will get the 3DS on February 26th, the launch plans and dates for the North American and European launch are still a bit sketchy at this point. It is expected that not only will Nintendo announce the launch date for North America; it will also give us the launch price for the 3DS unit when it arrives at some point in the middle of March.

The bigger question beyond the date and price for North America will also be the launch titles. While we know that a number of titles for the 3DS are in the pipeline, it will be critical for Nintendo to firm up exactly which titles we can expect and when we will see them.

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