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No current plans for new Kinect firmware

by on22 December 2010


Sources tell us that development continues
Microsoft went on the offensive to let everyone know that the rumors of enhanced firmware for Kinect that would offer enhanced fidelity and take advantage of the cameras max resolution of 640x480 are not accurate. Some sites have suggested the enhanced resolution would allow for the detection of finger or hand rotation, and Microsoft is also claiming this is false.

Sources loyal to the gospel of Fudzilla tell us that elves in Microsoft’s labs continue to work on a variety of enhancements to Kinect that could include increasing the proces

sing power, upping the resolution to 640x480, and a number of other things to continue to push the limits of Kinect.While these enhancements could be delivered as a combination of both software and firmware updates for Kinect, at this time apparently Microsoft isn’t ready to talk about what they are working on. They have admitted that they are working to expand and enhance Kinect, but the rumors of what exactly might be around the corner for Kinect are completely unsubstantiated.

We know that they are working on enhancements to Kinect, but apparently they don’t want to discuss what the future might hold; we suspect that they may want to minimize the potential for disappointment if some of these things don’t make it into the next batch of offerings for the device.

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