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Medal of Honor sequel is likely

by on04 November 2010

Has already passed 2 million in sales
Sources tell us that Electronic Arts is satisfied with the release of Medal of Honor. From the dark corners, sources admit to us that the reviews could have been a bit better and the sales could have been a little stronger, but overall to restart the franchise they are off and running.

The best news for Medal of Honor is that the company has confirmed that they have sold over two million copies across the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. This news is good for those wanting to see a sequel, as from the whispers that we have heard it does appear that a sequel will be green lighted by EA for development.

While EA has not officially committed to producing a sequel yet, we suspect that an announcement will be coming at some point next year that a sequel is in development. Don’t expect to see a sequel in 2011, however, as sources suggest that it will be a 2012 release.

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