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Alan Wake to get one more DLC

by on21 September 2010

Will be final episode for the title
After a long wait, Alan Wake finally arrived. Its arrival marked a new chapter in gaming, as developer Remedy tried to do something new and despite some positive reviews for the title, sales apparently didn’t exactly set the world on fire.

One of the more interesting things about Alan Wake was the downloadable episode content add-ons for the title that were talked about. For the cost of $7 each player could expand the game with new content that was sold as a downloadable add-on to the original title. While the idea of downloadable content was not new, of course, and even the concept of adding on to the game to take it in new directions wasn’t new, either, the concept of an ever-evolving story was new.

Apparently, all did not go as planned; and the next downloadable content package, which will be called “The Writer,” will be the last for the title. The Writer is already in final production and is expected to appear for download soon. Once it is released, there is no additional content planned for the title. Rumblings suggest that the DLC released so far hasn’t sold very well.

Whispers that we have heard suggest that the poor sales have hurt the title, and even with a price reduction the title just didn’t perform as expected. The decision comes as quite a blow to developer Remedy who had so much time and effort invested in the development of Alan Wake; and it can’t make publisher Microsoft happy, either.

No one seems to be talking on the record as to why the decision was made to end Alan Wake or what exactly Remedy might be working on next. For those fans of Alan Wake, enjoy The Writer, as it will be the last content released. The Writer is said to feature the Depeche Mode song, “The Darkest Star,” which apparently will have some sort of significance as to the end of Alan Wake.

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