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CoD premium service is coming

by on21 September 2010

Activision still sorting out the details
As we have said previously, Activision is on a quest to launch a subscription model in conjunction with the Call of Duty franchise and now COO Thomas Tippl has confirmed that the company is working on such a model, and it is already in the pipeline for release.

While Activision is still sorting out what form this subscription model will take, the company says that the CoD Premium services (as they are referring to it now) will not cheat fans out of more content. Suggestions of multiple price points for the subscription model are whispered, but no one, including those at Activision seems to know for sure.

The goal with the subscription or CoD Premium service will be to add new and innovative service offerings that are not possible with the current model that the company has with the Call of Duty franchise today. As to what these new offerings might be, apparently they are not yet ready to say.

Despite the negative press and backlash from the CoD community, the company seems to be confident on its strategy direction and they believe that they will add enough value to get players to pay up.

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