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Bungie talks Reach stats

by on20 September 2010

Numbers are impressive for five days of play
With Halo: Reach now being on sale for five days officially, Bungie is talking some statistics on what players have been able to achieve. The numbers are actually very impressive and show the true popularity of the Halo franchise among players.

Since launch day, 31,000,000 games have been played with 78,499,560,895 credits being earned. This breaks down into 8,214,338 daily challenges having been completed, with 255,996 weekly challenges having been completed as well.  For those that have only been playing the campaign mode, 1,365 man-years have been spent playing in this mode.

Microsoft and Bungie are expected to release more statistical data on how this translates into sales numbers beyond what we know so far. The number most bosses want to know is how many man-hours have been lost in productivity and sick time being used so that employees could stay home and play Reach. We suspect that this is one number that we will never know, but it has to be a large one.

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