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Mafia II sales better than expected

by on03 September 2010

Could be profitable despite initial worries
News is filtering out from Take-Two Interactive that despite initial worries that Mafia II might not be profitable, sales are much better than expected. Now, we are hearing that revised estimates are indicating that because of the strong initial sales, the game is expected to be profitable after all.

The game was developed by 2K Czech and has received mixed scores in reviews of the title. This apparently led to some analysts suggesting that not much was expected from the sales of Mafia II. Take-Two, on the other hand, has been guarded in sales performance predictions for the title.

The stronger than expected sales could help spark another quarter of positive results for Take-Two. The company has been under fire over a number of delays and costs in the development of titles. The company has had a number of delays on titles, the most notable being LA Noire, which apparently is again being delayed. Despite the delays on Red Dead Redemption, the company was very successful with the sales of the title despite high development costs.

Until all of the numbers are in on Mafia II, we will not know where exactly it stands in the big scope of things; but the news does have to be at least somewhat reassuring that the moves that Take-Two are making do seem to be working.

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