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AMD claims its Ryzen AI chips will clean Apple’s clock
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Tame Apple Press is furious

AMD has introduced its latest Ryzen AI chips, built on the new Zen 5 architecture. The company believes these chips outperform Apple's M3 and M3 Pro chips and journalists who defend Apple are angry.

Bangladesh turns off its Internet again
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Aims to stop students organising protests against constitutionally enshrined nepotism 

Bangladesh has shut down its internet as the government tries to control widespread student protests against the country's quota system for government jobs.

AI is running out of data to scrape
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Monday, 22 July 2024 10:54

AI is running out of data to scrape

Important sources are forbidden

For years, people building powerful artificial intelligence systems have used enormous troves of text, images, and videos pulled from the Internet to train their models. Now, that data is drying up.

Southwest Airlines saved from CrowdStrike issues
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Because it is still on Windows 3.1

Most US flights are grounded following a CrowdStrike system update error, which is affecting everything from travel to mobile ordering at Starbucks—but not Southwest Airlines.

AMD's Zen 5-based Ryzen 9000 might be overpriced
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There might be a good reason AMD has not been telling the world how much its Zen 5-based Ryzen 9000 range is going to cost—it looks like the chips might cost a bomb.

Meta will not bring multimodal AI models to EU
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Privacy uncertainties 

Meta will withhold future multimodal AI models from customers in the European Union due to regulatory uncertainties.

Nvidia will move to open-source GPU kernel modules with R560 drivers
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Open sauce as far as the eye can see

Nvidia is ready to fully transition to an open-source GPU kernel with the upcoming R560 drivers.

Rand Paul defends Apple’s anti-trust antics.
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Allowing big businesses to crush smaller businesses is the American way

In a bizarre op-ed he penned for the ironically-titled Reason magazine, US Senator Rand Paul has rushed to the defence of the fruity cargo-cult Apple, saying that the Department of Justice is picking on Jobs’ Mob because it was successful.

Microsoft suffered significant cloud outage.
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All fixed now

Microsoft grappled with a significant service outage, which left users worldwide unable to access its cloud computing platforms and caused airlines to cancel flights.

Fitbit users furious at Google's treatment
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Feel Google wants to push them to Pixel Watch

Since Google acquired Fitbit in 2021, there has been a noticeable reduction in features, with a push towards using the Fitbit app.