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US government about to build an AI supercomputer

by on08 May 2024

Nvidia-based machine will run government departments

The Pentagon's go-to tech whizzes at MITRE are splashing out a whopping $20 million (€18.6 million) on a supercomputer with Nvidia's most brainy chips to give Uncle Sam's AI a turbo boost.

This isn't just any old think tank; MITRE's been kitting out America's warriors and spooks with top-secret gizmos since the 1950s.

MITRE bigwig Charles Clancy thinks this AI beast could revolutionise everything from pension pots to tax returns.

"There are huge opportunities for AI to make government more efficient," he says.

Translation: They're fed up with red tape and want to make life less of a headache for everyone.

This tech marvel, set to be up and running in Ashburn, Va., by the end of the year, is no slouch. With 256 Nvidia GPUs, it might not be the size of the world-beating Frontier supercomputer or Meta's planned behemoth, but it'll leave Stanford's 68 GPUs eating its digital dust.

Every Tom, Dick, and Harry in the federal agencies chucking money at MITRE gets to play in this AI "sandbox." Clancy's dreaming big, aiming to tackle everything from military tactics to the crypto craze shaking up the banks. It's all about solving the big puzzles, and with this new toy, they might do it.

 "AI is the tool that is solving a wide range of problems," Clancy said. "The US military needs to figure out how to do command and control. We need to understand how cryptocurrency markets impact the traditional banking sector. Those are the sorts of problems we want to solve."

Last modified on 08 May 2024
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