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Microsoft fears Google will use AI to expand dominance

by on03 October 2023

Could take over the search market completely

Software King of the World, Microsoft is worried that Google could use AI to extend its dominance of the search market.

Taking the stand at the Google antitrust trial Top Vole Satya Nadella said he thought that when Microsoft introduced its new Bing AI-based search in February he had all the aces to get back into the market.

However he told the judge, that Google could accelerate its current lead by using the massive profits it makes from search to pay publishers for exclusive rights to content it can use to make its search AI better than rivals. Nadella left no doubt about his perception of Google's dominance.

"You get up in the morning, you brush your teeth and you search on Google," he said.

The Department of Justice has accused Alphabet's search division of unlawfully maintaining a monopoly by paying $10 billion a year to rivals, smartphone manufacturers and wireless carriers to make its search engine the default option on mobile devices and web browsers.

Google has denied the allegations. To help prove its case, the DOJ hopes to use testimony from Nadella and other executives from Microsoft to show how even a company of its size and resources couldn't unlock Google's hold on the search market.

Last modified on 03 October 2023
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