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Microsoft adds more GPUs to Dall-E 3

by on02 October 2023

Coping with demand 

Software king of the world Microsoft says it will be adding more GPUs in the coming days to reduce the time taken to generate the images on its Bing Image Creator.

Vole started upgrading the Bing Image Creator to use OpenAI’s Dall-E 3 model in the backend and over the weekend, the Dall-E 3 powered Bing Image Creator was made available to everyone for free.

Microsoft’s Bing Image Creator allows you to create an image by just typing in a description of something.

You will be able to add any additional context like location or activity, and an art style, and Bing Image Creator will make it for you.

The DALL-E 3 model can create stunning images with improved quality and realism, especially for fine details. Please note that all AI-generated images created by Bing Image Creator now include an invisible, digital watermark that follows the C2PA specification. This watermark will have the time and date it was originally created and confirms the provenance of the image to be AI-generated.

You can have a play with it here.


Last modified on 02 October 2023
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