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Top three AIs are pretty stupid

by on30 April 2018

Google is brighter, Siri is as intelligent as plankton 

A new report has named Google as the cleverest AI but warns all three of the leading machines are pretty pants and disappointing.

Digital marketing agency Stone Temple quizzed the top AI assistants by asking them 5,000 questions to see which one provided the most information.

Google Assistant came out on top, edging out Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana. Apple’s Siri was the worst.

Google Assistant is setting the bar in both categories. It worked better on a smartphone than it did on the Google Home smart speaker.

Alexa has pulled its socks up significantly since it was put through a similar test last year, more than doubling the number of questions it attempted to answer. That trend will probably continue as these things continue to learn more from users lobbing millions of questions at them every day.

However, most of the assistants did not even try to answer more than 75 percent of the questions. Cortana took on nearly two out of three, and Alexa responded to just over half of the questions asked. Apple’s Siri could only be bothered to respond to about 40 percent of the items and seemed to be cross that you were bothering her.

What the report shows is that digital assistants are still pretty pointless and aren’t all that convenient or time saving in most cases. Hell, the one in Windows 10 can’t even find files on my hard drive and insists on opening Bing where it can’t find them either.

Creative Strategies reported most are afraid to communicate with virtual assistants when other people are around. Just six percent are willing to talk to them while in public. Even in private, there are barriers. It is also bad if you have an accent.

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