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Microsoft plans three new Surfaces

by on11 August 2016

Expect more expensive Apple clones to follow

Software king of the world Microsoft is expected to release three new flavours of Surface three in one desktops later this year.

After years of producting reasonable gear and getting mocked Microsoft produced its Surface which was immediately copied by Apple. Apple claimed to have invented the whole thing and now its Tame Apple Press even refer to the Surface as an Apple Pro copy.

The new Surfaces will arrive with three different screen sizes, 21-inch at 1080p Full HD, 24-inch at 4K, and 27-inch at 4K. Word on the street is that Microsoft is doing something which is a little more original than the conventional set up.

Microsoft hinted back in July that it's planning a new Surface-branded device for this year, and three more for 2017. Windows Central thinks that the Surface Book successor will have a hinge that allows the device to close flush like a traditional laptop. Existing Surface Books have an unsightly gap.The redesign will allow the display and keyboard to sit flush and closed against each other when the lid to the Surface Book is closed.

Details around Microsoft's plans are still vague and mostly rumoured. Vole could be waiting on Intel's Kaby Lake processors to introduce a refresh early next year. Microsoft is also planning two major software updates to Windows 10 next year, which might be timed to appear alongside new hardware in early 2017.

Last modified on 11 August 2016
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