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Lenovo Updates ThinkPad Yoga With Skylake

by on02 September 2015

Nothing is sacred anymore, as ThinkPad changes colour.

Laptops synonimous with business are shyly changing with the times. The biggest new feature of ThinkPad Yoga is that you can have it in a colour other than black.

As we learned from our friends over at Engadget, Lenovo is making a bold move with its ThinkPad Yoga lineup for 2016. The 12.5" ThinkPad Yoga 260 and its larger 14" sibling the 460 are going to be available in silver, next to the iconic black.

Both laptops feature the now signature lift and lock mechanism, which prevents the keys from moving when you fold the laptop over into the tablet, or tent mode. They also come with a pen and, hear this Microsoft, pen slots. So you can't lose them easily.

In terms of the internals, its all seen before, except for the new Skylake processors. Up to 16GB of RAM on the smaller model, up to 8GB on the larger. The larger one offering discrete graphics in compensation. Up to full HD on the 12 incher, more than enough say we, up to 2,560x1,440 on the larger model, SSDs, HDDs. ThinkPads are usually among the more configurable laptops around.

And, for the first time in this town, you'll be able to order either model in silver, starting January 2016.

In all honesty, Lenovo has been trying to reinvent the wheel for a while now, sometimes successfully, most of the time not. The ThinkPad Carbon a generation ago came with a touch-sensitive strip instead of fhe function keys, the keyboard layout was occasionally meddled with, various types of trackpads with and without buttons were tried out. 

Luckily the company listened to feedback from their loyal customers and did away with most of the mistakes. But now they're at it again. Chaing ThinkPad for the sake of change.

Your truly remembers ThinkPads from way back when. Those used to be and mostly still are machines that you can pretty much prop a car with to stop it from rolling down a slope. Unbreakable workhorses that would hardly ever let you down.

Leave them at peace Lenovo and stick to what you do best. Make excellent laptops for people who use them to earn their living. Durable, great keyboard, flexible spec and as upgradeable as possible. That's what ThinkPad is all about.

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