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Skylake 15W mobile SKUs getting Iris graphics

by on08 April 2015

Now starts with 28W Broadwell-U

It looks like Intel has managed to squeeze Iris graphics inside 15W Skylake processors. 

This is a huge achievement, considering that only 28W TDP Broadwell mobile processors currently support Iris 6100 graphics. The fastest of them is the Intel Core i7-5557U, and this dual-core with four threads clocked at 3.1GHz base frequency and maximum turbo frequency of 3.4GHz is the fastest Intel processor for notebooks to support Iris graphics. This is a 28W TDP processor with a configurable TDP, down to 23W.

Iris graphics 6100 are used in three additional SKUs, the Core i5 5287U, Core i5 5257U and Core i3 5157U. They are all dual-core processors with four threads and a 28W TDP.

We don’t know much about upcoming Skylake parts, so we don't know the SKUs, but Intel has communicated to its partners that Iris graphics on 15W products will be available starting with Skylake.

At the highest end, the Core i7 5650U Skylake-U based replacement will come with Iris graphics. The dual-core Core i5 5650U works at 2.2GHz and can hit 3.1GHz on turbo, all while staying in the 15W envelope.

The Core i7 5650 comes with Intel HD Graphics 6000, while the next generation Core i7, Core i5 processors with 15W will have the Iris-grade graphics. Intel will launch four Skylake Iris capable 15W processors in Q4 2015, and will follow up with an additional four in Q1 2016.

According to Intel's official data at Anandtech, the Core i7 5557U with 48 EUs at 1100 MHz can score 844.8 32b FP GFLOPs, 211.2 64b DP GFLOPS or 422.4 32b INT GFLOPs. This is not bad score, but considering that even Geforce GTX 850M with its 1198.1 Gigaflops outperforms Intel's Iris 6100, you cannot really expect that Iris Pro in 15W notebook processors will replace discrete mobile GPUs anytime soon.

Last modified on 08 April 2015
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