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Apple MacBook has same performance as 2012 Air

by on02 April 2015

You get what you pay for

When the new MacBook came out the Tame Apple press launched a ton of free PR for their favourite company praising how much it looked like Apple's Air.

Now people have got their paws on one they are discovering that the new MacBook has the same performance as the Air, but not the current model the Air which first appeared three years ago.

The new 12-inch MacBook, with a Model Identifier or 8,1 actually more than one thing in common with the Air line, particularly in performance has been benchmarked using GeekBench's suite.

The scores from GeekBench submitted to Mashable showed a score of 1924 for the single-core test and 4038 for the multi-core part. This is lower than the performance of the mid-2011 11-inch MacBook, with identifier 4,1. That particular model scored 2023 and 4222 on single and multi core tests, respectively.

The reason is the CPU the 2011 MacBook ran on an Intel Core i7-2677M, a dual-core CPU that ran at around 1.80 GHz. In contrast, the new MacBook has a Core M chip. While the dual-core processor is more recent, it's is clocked at only 1.1 GHz, though a 1.3 GHz option is also offered, for an additional price, of course.

Basically Apple thought that people would not want any extra performance out of their Macbook but they would pay more for the profile and low power draw.

To make matters worse the 2015 MacBook would be outperformed by even the most recent MacBook Air
The new MacBook might have other things going for it: a beautiful design, lightweight and slim profile, a multi-talented though solitary USB Type-C port, and a fancy Force Touch trackpad but if you try to do anything with it, you will be stuffed.

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