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Shield tablet getting Android 5.0 this month

by on05 November 2014

Showcased in video

We have already voiced our opinion on Nvidia’s Shield tablet and due to its substantially lower price we reckon it makes more sense than getting the Nexus 9. Nvidia simply has a massive price advantage and let’s not forget about the microSD slot, either. Granted, the Nexus 9 has a better processor, but that hardly justifies the big premium.

Bear in mind that Nvidia’s Shield Tablet 32GB with LTE is available today for $/€399, while the Nexus 9 with a similar spec is listed for €559 at the Google Play Store. Nvidia has told Fudzilla that both the Shield portable console and Shield tablets will get an Android 5.0 update, but we didn’t expect to see it this soon.

As always, Nexus devices will get the latest Android update first and we expect to see OTA (Over The Air) updates coming this week (most likely today, November 5th) to Nexus 7 2013, Nexus 7 2012 and Nexus 5. Nvidia has already showcased Android 5.0 aka Lollipop on a video, demonstrating some of the new features. This was the sneak preview of the Android 5.0 that will be available to Shield tablet owners in November. Nvidia is confident that it can ship Android 5.0 this month.

The Shield tablet user interface is based on vanilla Android experience and with the update to Android 5.0 the material design will take over. The animations look nicer and the tablet works really fast. We haven't noticed any lag in this short video.

Nvidia has a new dabbler app and the new user interface for it as well as some new features. The home, back and task managers are now round, triangle or square, just as they will be on any Android 5.0 user experience without any skins. There is also an update to a Shield hub application, mainly a material design update.


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