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Nvidia Shield Tablet update improves battery

by on18 February 2015

Software upgrade 2.2, Android 5.0.1

Nvidia has just released a 94.1MB update for the Shield Tablet, and this latest update is getting the Nvidia's software updated to 2.2. 

Nvidia was one of the first vendors to release an Android 5.0.1 update with its last 2.1 software update. The Shield Tablet was the first non Google tablet to get Android 5.0 too.

The company claims that the update improves battery life, especially with WiFi turned on, and this is probably the most important feature. The battery improvements are noticeable in standby and idle conditions. 

The new software is improving battery charging performance and compatibility, as it includes broader support for high performance chargers. We can confirm that the Shield Tablet works well with Anker's 40W five port charger and that it charges the device at 2A. We will see if the charging time and battery life improve after the update. Nvidia has the whole list of improvements listed at its website.

Nvidia claims additional UI responsiveness and memory optimisation and overall experience enhancements with some Graphics corruption resolution. Shield HUB 4.1 is also supported with the latest software update, and it includes Gamesteam with muti-controller support.

Of course, one of the strongest selling points of the Shield tablets is the ability to stream games via Nvidia GRID technology. The number of GRID games has jumped to 40 and some latest titles include Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7 and PixelJunk Shooter. Games like Alan Wake are there too. New games are added to the GRID streaming practically every week. 


The Shield software upgrade 2.2 is avaiable for both LTE and WiFi tablets and if you have a Shield Tablet you should simply give it a try.   

Last modified on 18 February 2015
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