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Apple iPad greeted with collective yawn

by on17 October 2014

Not even the tame Apple press can spin this one

Normally after an Apple launch the Tame Apple Press is gushing about how Jobs’ Mob has created a cure for cancer. 

This morning, there is nothing. Part of the problem is the Apple iPad 2 is nothing special. Sure it is thinner and it might have a longer battery life, but it is not really worth replacing your older model for. The Guardian pointed out that Apple was going through the motions of appealing to its established user base to buy the tablet, without really giving them a reason to do so.

“Apple is still confident about the iPad, even though the updates announced on Thursday really don’t look like much on paper.”

Even so, the writer had a go at trying to talk up Apple’s efforts, but it is easy to see its heart was not in it. 

Gartner analyst Van Baker disappointed the Apple press officers working for Reuters by saying that the only interesting thing to come out of yesterday’s launch was a the 5K retina display on the iMac. "The other things we saw were just iterative improvements on the iPad.”

In fact Big G thinks that the shine has gone off the tablet market as smartphones have got bigger and the belief is that Apple will have its work cut out shifting too many of them.

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