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Next Apple media event gets dated

by on09 October 2013

October 22nd for unveiling of new iPads

Apple will be holding another media event on October 22nd where it is expected the company will announce their new 5th generation iPad and 2nd generation iPad mini. In addition to the new iPads it is likely the company will also show off a new high-end desktop and the upcoming version of OS X which is known by the codename Mavericks.

While it is possible that the company could show off new versions of both the iPod and Apple TV, it seems that they will likely leave the iPod line up the way that it is for the time being. As for the Apple TV, sources continue to suggest that the company has a new version that is ready to show off, but it is more updated hardware than anything else with the functionality expected to remain the same.

Sources believe that both new iPads will feature an 8 megapixel camera for rear camera which brings it in line with what the company added to the iPhone 5s. The real question is if the iPad mini will get the rumored Retina display and the iPad will get the Touch ID finger print sensor that is found in the new iPhone 5s. Both additions seem possible, but rumors suggest that Apple could be facing some sourcing issues for the required Retina display for the iPad mini if the company does indeed add this feature.

Both of the new iPads will hit the market in time for the holidays where Apple will be faced with stiffer competition this time around from Amazon with the Kindle Fire HDX, Microsoft with the new lower priced Surface 2, and Google with the new Nexus 7. Apple is not expected to announce any price cuts on with the iPad or iPad mini according to sources we have spoken with.

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