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Apple will go thinner & lighter next time

by on25 October 2012


iPad Mini isn’t out yet and we’re talking about the follow up

Apple is already planning the next iPad Mini, according to sources. The word is that the company will be looking to go even lighter and thinner with the iPad next time around. The new model could come as early as mid-next year.

Apple is down to just LG to supply the screens for the iPad Mini and has been hurt by Samsung and Apple no longer doing. Having Samsung as well as LG to supply screens for the iPad Mini would have the best case for Apple, but unfortunately this is not happening.

Also, with the release of the new iPad Mini, the days for Apple’s iPod Touch could be short. Although Apple just gave the Touch a much needed makeover and added some new features, with the iPad Mini having a price point starting at just $329, there really is little room for the Touch in Apple’s lineup. Look for Apple to start winding the Touch down after Christmas.

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