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Hard drives to dominate notebook space

by on23 July 2012

SSDs still too expensive, reckons IHS iSuppli

Although SSDs are going from strength to strength and slowly closing the price gap with traditional hard drives, IHS iSuppli does not believe they will unseat HDDs in the notebook space anytime soon.

Notebooks priced in the $450 to $550 accounted for the biggest share of the market in Q1 and most of them feature 500GB or bigger hard drives. The second biggest segment belonged to even cheaper notebooks with 320GB drives, priced in the $350 to $450 range. These two product classes accounted for an estimated 58 percent of the overall notebook market. Notebooks with 128GB SSDs accounted for just three percent.

It’s worth pointing out that IHS iSuppli did not include notebooks with hybrid SSD-HD storage in its analysis. This means many ultrabooks and even mid range notebooks simply aren’t taken into account.

However, IHS iSuppli believes notebooks with HDDs could come under fire if the price of SSD equipped ultrabooks or Microsoft’s Surface tablets falls below $700.

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