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When to expect your Nexus 7 shipment

by on18 July 2012

UK, Canada and US, Australia

Google’s Nexus 7 tablet is already shipping in select markets and the company is now telling its beloved hardware customers when to expect their precious Android 4.1 toys.
First let’s cover the most important market for Google, US preorders with others to follow. According to Google, people who trusted reviewers so much and placed orders before or on July 13th stand a chance of getting their tablets before the end of the week. Orders placed after July 13th will be shipped according the quoted timeframe and you will get an email when Google ships your device. Google also claims that it shipped all standalone Nexus 7 8GB orders without case or charger.

By the end of this Thursday, July 19th they plan to ship all Nexus 7 16GB, the ones with the better profit margin. If you have ordered one 16GB before July 11th Google will upgrade you to free overnight shipping. As of today, 16GB units seem in short supply and if you place an order right now, you will get one in three to four weeks. In case you were greedy and ordered a tablet with a case, extra charger or if you were keen to try out the Nexus Q, your order should ship this night with overnight shipping. Some might get tablet earlier that stated in Google’s official time table and the rest will follow shortly.

Good news for hockey loving Canadians. Their Nexus 7 8GB preorders shipped, too. The Canadian Nexus 7 with 16GB will ship in one to two weeks. In the UK all Nexus 7 8GB orders will ship before the end of the Friday July 20 British standard time. All orders of Nexus 7 16GB placed through June 30th will ship by July 20th, or this Friday. The remaining orders of 16GB tablet placed after this date will ship next week.

For all the Australian mates who placed an order, all Nexus 7 8GB and 16GB orders will be fulfilled by the end of tomorrow, or Thursday July 19th (AEST) and you can expect to receive them in three to five days. The rest of the world can only envy this Commonwealth coalition of the willing and hope that countries where people speak a language other than English will get a chance to order a Nexus 7 soon.

The official post is here.

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