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Google stops taking orders for 16GB Nexus 7

by on23 July 2012

Underestimated demand for pricier model

Google has stopped taking orders for the 16GB version of its Jelly Bean loving Nexus 7 tablet. The 8GB model is still up for grabs though.

As for the 16GB unit, it is practically impossible to get in the US. Major retailers are listing it as out of stock and it’s unclear when it will be back.

Conspiracy theorists might say that the shortage has something to do with technical issues reported by some Nexus 7 early adopters, but this seems unlikely. However, quite a few users reported dead pixels, poorly bonded screens, touch issues and other problems, so it might not be a bad idea to wait for the second batch anyway.

Sources close to Google told The Guardian that the company seriously underestimated demand for the 16GB version of the tablet. However, in the long run this is pretty good news for Google, as the 16GB model offers much better margins than the $199 8GB unit, as we explained here.

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