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English hotel replaces Bibles with Kindles

by on05 July 2012

Not sure it's what Jesus would do

English hotel Indigo has decided to replace its Bibles with Kindles and has even received kind words of support from Gideons International, the deliverers of Bibles worldwide.

So, the traditional version of Bible will get the boot and the holy text will be loaded onto Kindle Touch devices strapped with Wi-Fi. Additionally, guests will be treated to up to $8 worth of religious texts for free, but only in the first two weeks of the program.

Guests will be able to purchase other books in Amazon's store, not necessarily from the fantasy genre. The additional titles will be synced to their account and the book will only be readable during their stay.

The hotel expects the Kindles to be handled just like the rest of its stuff, such as towels and soaps. So, if its Kindle goes missing, it will be charged to the room.

Seeing as how printing and distributing a Bible costs $5 and a 6-inch Kindle Touch costs $139, it will not come cheap. In fact, purchasing a Kindle Touch for each of the 148 rooms adds up to $20,572. Some would argue that the same cash could theoretically feed many hungry children in third world countries, but who are we to complain.

Gideons spokesperson Ken Stephens said: "Anything to put the Bible in people's hands is a good thing". However, he added that the paper version remains the best for what Gideons do.

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