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iPad to do a test drive with NY taxis

by on07 March 2012

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Enclosed and equipped with credit card swiper

Mobile payments network Square has announced a new platform via which New Yorkers will pay for their rides – wait for it – the iPad. Yes, I know you read it in the title, but I just love doing the ‘wait for it’ part. 

The new platform consists of an iPad enclosed in a black case with a credit card swiper. The iPad will display a map of New York, current location, fare and route of travel.

The most convenient however is the fact that passengers can swipe their card at any time during the ride. This means no waiting at the end of the ride and no written signatures, since the iPad will allow you to sign its screen and have the receipt delivered via email or SMS.

The system is internally being referred to as Checker and it is expected to boost the quality of service and productivity at the same time, especially since Checker will deposit the money into taxi drivers’ accounts the next day. The initial run will include 30 taxis.

It is said that the drivers will also be given iPhones, which will enable adding toll fees and messaging with dispatch. [What about tips? Ed.]

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