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Psychonauts 2 would cost a lot more

by on16 February 2012

Funding options still being considered

While Tim Shaffer has not closed all of the doors on possible funding options for a sequel to the original Psychonauts, the comments from Markus Persson about being interested in funding the project have led to some Emails being exchanged.  The revelation is that the cost to make a sequel to Psychonauts is going to cost far more than many had initially thought. (We continue to hear a number of $13 million being tossed around, but we are not sure if this is accurate.)

Persson has clarified his position by saying that a couple of other parties are interested in investing in the game; however, if he were to invest in this project it would be because he thinks the game would be profitable as an investment, not as a charity. Based on this response, we have to assume that he is taking seriously the possibility of being involved as an investor in the title.

Right now, Persson is asking for calm and for everyone to stop hyping it over the Internet. He does not want to let anyone down, and at the same time he wants to keep this in the open rather than having to do things secretly. The Mahjong boss plans to consult with his contacts and advisors to help him evaluate the situation and make the best decision possible on whether to invest and help fund the sequel.

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