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Apple reportedly working on 7.85-inch iPad

by on16 December 2011

Coming in late 2012, along with the apocalypse

Apple is said to be working on a new, smaller iPad, scheduled to launch in late 2012.

Digitimes claims suppliers have already been tapped for the new 7.85-inch screen, but other than the screen size, little is known about the iPad mini, or nano, whatever.

Cupertino is expected to launch the successor to the current iPad 2 in early spring. It should feature a new Retina screen, but if rumours of a 7.85-inch follow up device prove to be true, it sounds plausible that Apple will also shift to a somewhat bigger screen to differentiate the new models.

Of course, this is pure speculation on our part, but with Android tablet makers going for 10.1-inch and even 11.6-inch designs, we wouldn’t be surprised if Apple chooses to embrace a 10+ inch screen as well.

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